Electra of House Achaea

Heiress of the Imperial Throne


Electra is the youngest child of Emperor Agamemnon and the only surviving heir to the Imperial Throne. While she is the only ideal candidate to become Empress, many of the survivors of the war are hesitant to call her their new ruler. Mainly because the Olympian Zeus, the Imperial heirloom passed from emperor to emperor since the Empire’s founding, was lost during the final battle of the Illion War.

While giving the impression of a spoiled heiress, Electra is actually quite a skilled tactician, a level-headed diplomat and an impressive mech-pilot. Her supporters believe she would be a more fair and just ruler than her father, while her critics say she would just be continuing the line of tyrants that they now consider House Achaea to be.

Her current location is unknown.

Electra of House Achaea

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