Emperor Agamemnon XIII

Ruler of the Galactic Empire and Head of House Achaea (Deceased)


The ruler of the Galactic Empire at the time of the Illion War. While his ruler was extremely prosperous for the Empire, he was widely considered to be a tyrant. Since assuming the throne, he has been unafraid to use lethal force to crush any who’d oppose him. This came to a head when the garden world of Elysium IV declared independence from the empire two years before the Illion War. In his fury, Agememnon brought his battleships to the planet and blasted the surface until ELysium IV was nothing more than a wasteland. It’s said he personally forced the leaders of the planet to watch Elysium burn before killing them with his own hands.

Agememnon was just as ruthless during the Illion War, personally leading his forces from the front lines. His advisors and allied Archons often had to convince him to keep Illion prisoners for questioning rather than “have the damned traitors executed”.

In his bloodlust, Agememnon was among the first to turn his flagship, the Chariot of the Gods, upon the Black Ships. The most powerful battleship in the Galactic Empire barely lasted ten minutes.

Agememnon is survived by his daughter Electra, who is one of the survivors on board the Odyssey.. His three sons were believed to be with him on the Chariot of the Gods and are presumed dead.

Until his death, Agamemnon was the bearer of the Olympian Zeus, which had been passed down from Emperor to Emperor for centuries.

Emperor Agamemnon XIII

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