Hipparchus of House Brauron

The Hunter of Delos


The Hunter of Delos

Hipparchus found himself on Moira when word of House Illion’s rebellion first reached it. He, His father, Peisistratus, and his brother, Hippias, were on a diplomatic mission to ease the tension between house Brauron and the Emperor. When his father saw that Agamemnon intended to declare war on House Illion and the other houses that sided with them he quietly retreated to his cruiser. House Brauron would join the war against the Empire. Before the three of them could depart, Peisistratus told Hipparchus and Hippias to delay the Emperor any way they can. Hipparchus returned to Agamemnon’s Palace while Hippias retrieved his personal ship, The Elaphoi, from the hanger on his father’s cruiser. Hipparchus thought to himself that the best way to delay the war was to subdue Flight-Admiral Amenoi, for without him Agamemnon’s flagship would remain grounded. He snuck through the palace to a spot overlooking the airfield. Here he got a good look at his quarry. Without hesitation he drew a Fowl Arrow, fired, and hit his mark. The Admiral fell into a deep sleep and there was no indication that he would ever wake up. Before Hipparchus could leave his perch he spotted Agamemnon making his way toward the ship. Perhaps… He could end the war before it began… With one shot. He drew a Buck Shot, took aim, but before he could loose the arrow someone stepped in front of him. When he unmagnified his HUD he saw before him Electra, Daughter of the Emperor. She stood fast in front of his deadly arrow and refused to move. Hipparchus was taken aback by her courage, determination, and selflessness. He couldn’t bear to fire. He dissolved the arrow and vanished. He found his brother’s ship and the two of them left for Delos.

Where Loyalties Lie

Hipparchus and Hippias arrived on Delos a week after Peisistratus. He had already made his declaration of support to House Illion, and the Empire’s loyalists were not pleased. Many of them were forcefully removed from their positions of power if it was deemed that they would be problematic toward the war. This gave Peisistratus an increase in influence that made him almost exclusively in control of the planet. The politicians were easy enough to remove, but some Empire sympathizers were more dug in. Delos is home to numerous Fortresses, and though most of them sided with the Archon, a number resisted. Peisistratus sent Hipparchus to convince the dissenting captains to lay down their arms; otherwise Hipparchus was to “remove” them forcefully. So Hipparchus reminded them of the oath they had pledged to House Brauron, but many claimed that their oath was to the Empire and that they would never betray it. Those that did not surrender died without a sound.

Bear Company

With Delos secure, the war effort could finally be projected outward toward the Empire. Their armies flew off to fight the Empire’s Loyalists, but Hipparchus’ role was not to engage the enemy head on. He, his brother, and a number of talented warriors traveled independently of Delos’ army and began to strike at the Empire where it was weakest: the Head. Their missions comprised of hunting down influential politicians, powerful warriors, and dangerous generals. The Elaphoi brought them from planet to planet seeking their prey. Most of their targets were unaware of their fate until it was too late. There was so little evidence linking them to most of the assassinations that some refused to believe that they even existed. Much of their work was mistaken for that of another.

The White Reaper

Over the course of the war, Hipparchus and the Bear Company had a few run-ins with a Bounty Hunter known only as the White Reaper. He possessed some unknown Olympian, and with it some uncanny ability to manipulate time and space. This made him a fearsome warrior, and a capable assassin. Hipparchus admired the Reaper; he was a hunter too after all, but he didn’t care for the Reaper’s indiscretion towards targets. He sometimes wondered: If the Reaper was to pick a side, would he be a powerful ally, or would he just be another target. For the course of the war though, they stayed neutral toward each other due to their opposite goals. Hipparchus ultimately just wanted his targets dead, while the Reaper wanted the credit. Though they had never met, his attitude had them inadvertently working together numerous times.


Amongst the many targets Hipparchus hunted down, one in particular eluded him at every turn. His name was Adonis, and he possessed a little too much stolen information regarding the Rebellion. He was the chosen of an Olympian that allowed him to change his appearance. This made him incredibly hard to track, and even harder to verify. Hipparchus hunted him for the better part of a year before losing hope. Too many dead ends and false identities. So many knew of Adonis, but so few were actually aware of him. It wasn’t until Bear Company targeted an escaped slave, who had apparently stolen a valuable Olympian, that they found Adonis. Hipparchus wasn’t sure if Adonis slipped up and recycled one of his forms, or if he was undisguised, but they spotted him escorting a prisoner. Without wasting any time, he targeted Adonis and fired. Somehow, the prisoner managed to get ahold of the Olympian and escape. Wondering whether it was wise to let him go, Hipparchus surmised that a prisoner of the Empire was probably not their ally.

The Emperor

As the war neared the end of its tenth year and the Great Houses grew weary of the bloodshed, many hoped the end was near. Most of the Illion Sector had been recaptured by the Empire, and victory seemed assured. Peisistratus feared the fate of Delos if the Empire returned. Only a massive shift in power could give the rebellion any hope of turning the tides. So Hipparchus took on his final target: Agamemnon. This led Hipparchus to the edge of the Illion Sector, where Agamemnon’s flagship had supposedly gone to deal with some unknown threat. Pirates or Brigands seemed a bit too insignificant to garner attention from the Emperor. Whatever was out there must be serious. Hipparchus knew this mission would be dangerous, so only he and his brother flew out to find Agamemnon. As the Elaphoi returned to normal space they saw the flagship being attacked by some unseen assailant. Before they could get any closer, the ship broke apart. Moments later they saw shadowy ships flying in their direction. Hippias turned the Elaphoi around and they sped away from the scene. As they flew, Hipparchus hoped that Agamemnon was on board his ship when it crumbled, but his thoughts then turned to Electra. She may have been on the ship as well. He hoped against all hope that she was somewhere safe, so they could meet again.

Hipparchus of House Brauron

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