Persaeus Crantor

Bearer of the Chronos Olympian


Persaeus hailed from the small planet of Elysium IV. He lived peacefully with his wife and daughter. During the rebellion, his family hid until they could get a vessel to get off planet. When the Imperial Fleet showed up and started attacking, his wife was killed in the chaos. Persaeus took action and stole a small ship to get his daughter off planet. In their desperate attempt to flee the planet, the ship was heavily damaged and crashed on a remote asteroid.

Persaeus brought his daughter to a cave for shelter. He ventured deeper into the asteroid to make sure it was safe for a temporary place to hide. As he traversed the rocky caves, He stumbled on a suit of gold and white armor. Persaeus heard stories of Olympians, but never hoped to find one. This was his fresh start. It was a way to protect his daughter and avenge his wife. He placed his hand on the breast-plate and the armor began to shine. He was chosen.


Persaeus Crantor

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