Mugen No Odyssey

The Story So Far

The Galactic Empire has stood for more than a thousand years, and while the Galaxy stands united under a single Emperor, there is hardly peace. There are constant feuds and rivalries among the Noble Houses, from trading disputes to straight out war. These feuds finally came to a point when House Illion struck out against the Imperial House of Achaea, stealing the core of the Moira Supercomputer, the machine which helps the Emperor rule his massive empire efficiently. This act of treason was the spark the powder keg that was the Empire needed to explode. The Emperor rallied the Noble Houses loyal to him and set out for the Illion Sector, while House Illion rallied those houses sick of the Emperor’s opression.

Hence began the Illion War, the largest and bloodiest conflict in the history of the Empire. The great legends and warriors of the Galaxy fought on both sides, warring ferociously for ten whole years with no end in sight.

Then the Black Ships came.

Seeming to appear foe the darkness of space itself, attacking both sides without mercy. The mysterious behemoths tore through the great battleships of House Athens like paper, the insect like fighters ripped apart the perfectly trained mech pilots of House Sparta, the greatest the entirety of the Galactic Empire were all but wiped out in mere hours.

You are the survivors of the Illion War. Veterans of a war that went on for far too long, you have been taken aboard the Odyssey, the sole surviving battleship of the Illion War. The Black Ships are still out there, and you must reach the Empire to warn them of the danger. The Illion Sector is destroyed, but there is still time to save the rest of the Galaxy.


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