The Odyssey

The only remaining battleship in the Imperial Fleet, captained by Ulysses of House Ithaca. The Odyssey is by no means the largest battleship which Agamemnon commanded, nor is it the most powerful. In fact, it wasn’t designed for war at all, but for exploration and housing people. House Ithaca had basically outfitted a colony ship with weapons and sent it off to fight in the war. However, Ulysses knew how to use this to his advantage. Rather than heading ships straight on, Ulysses used the Odyssey to strategically avoid ships, attacking when they had revealed a weak point.

The Odyssey is well outfitted to take care of all the refugees on board.


The residential area of the Odyssey includes a bar for off-duty soldiers and civilians to blow off steam. Owned by Bacchus, it is a simple but comfortable bar and Bacchus knows how to appeal to all his possible customers. However, since the arrival of the Black Ships, Bacchanalia has become a haven for those who wish to forget the horrors of the Illion War.


The command center of the entire ship, this is where Captain Ulysses spends most of his time. It is also where one is most likely to find the Delphies, Ulysses triplet daughters who run the complex programs to keep the ship running in perfect condition.


The few remaining mechs and fighter ships are docked at the Odysseys hangar. The hangar appears to open up into empty space, with a low powered force field to stop explosive decompression.

The Odyssey

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