Priam of House Illion

Archon of House Illion (Fate Unknown)


The Archon of House Illion is described by his people as a fair and kindhearted man who cared for the citizens of the Illion Sector as if they were his own children. This has put him at odds with the current Emperor, Agememnon XIII, who he believes to be a tyrant. Since Agememnon assumed the throne, the tension between House Illion and House Achaea has been palpable to say the least.

When the Emperor ordered the destruction of Elysium IV (a planet within the Illion Sector), it is said that Priam wept for days for the deaths of the inhabitants. A few short years after that, House Illion stole the core of the Moira Supercomputer and threw the Empire into chaos. Having stolen the power source for the computer that made House Achaea so powerful, numerous other Noble Houses flocked to the side of Priam, hoping to overthrow Agememnon and put Priam or one of his sons on the throne.

When the Black Ships attacked both sides in the final fight of the War, the location of Priam was unknown, supposedly having fled from the Illion capital world of Troy. While it is unknown if he escaped alive, he is not among the refugees aboard the Odyssey.

Priam of House Illion

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