Glossary of Terms

Archon- the official title of the head of a noble House. Archons are the highest authority in their given section of the Empire, answering only to the Emperor himself.

Metaverse- A layer existing below the known, measurable, quantum universe. Originally called hyperspace until more of its weird properties were discovered…. then it was just simply called “metaverse”, the universe beyond our own. Rumored to be the origin of the Black Ships, but nothing is proven. Normal laws of physics cease to function in the Metaverse, but luckily, sentient minds impose a bubble of normality around their perceived body. This is why all ships carry an AI navigator, so that its sentience envelops the ship in their cognitive normality field. Olympians reside in the Metaverse while they are not manifested around their bearers.

Metaverse Submersion- A method of FTL travel used before the creation of wormhole generators. This involved ‘submerging’ the ship into more chaotic areas of the Metaverse known as the Liminal Reaches. While a quick way to travel, it was also very dangerous. Numerous ship crews went completely mad in the Liminal Reaches, while others never were seen again.

Olympus- Short for Organic Living Machine Processing Analogs, they are an artificial symbiote that grant their bearer great power. Usually appearing as a piece of jewelry, the bearer can activate a bio-armor that grants them other abilities, including the ability to survive in the vacuum of space.

Wormhole Travel- A method of FTL travel used for centuries. It involves using a ‘wormhole generator’ to open a rift in space and quickly transport a ship across many light years in only a few short moments. This is made possible by a series of ‘canals’ that snake through the Metaverse to various locations throughout the Galactic Empire. (Think something like the mass relays)

Glossary of Terms

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